“My lips are sealed”

Yes, I know.  I’ve been very quiet here on this blog lately.  It nags at me, “come and DO something here!” and I ignore it.

I could offer up tons of reasons:  We are moving back in to our up north home and there is so much to do;  we are also cleaning out in anticipation of selling our house this summer; I’ve been sick with an unexplained virus; I’m getting older and have less energy…….well, you can see there are an abundance of “excuses”.

But the real reason is, I am going through another one of those periods where I am clutter clearing my own soul.  I’m facing another layer of stuff and working through it.  Sometimes this happens when I move as going through things takes me back and into other situations that I haven’t finished clearing.

I am thankfully at that point in life where I know that “this too shall pass”.  That the darkness is there to help me work through the challenges I have chosen to clear myself for moving forward and mastering certain issues.  It’s so darn hard.  It’s exhausting. It can even be dismaying and defeating.  But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that once I work through this most recent spate of “stuff” that my energy will burst forward into the light once more and I will feel terrific!

Meanwhile, tell me what YOU do during these periods to get through them.  I know you have inner wisdom that will help me move through this with more grace and ease.  In advance, I thank you for sharing.  And if you don’t want to post publicly just send me an email at lifepnet@aol.com.  Thanks everyone! xodark-night

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3 Responses to “My lips are sealed”

  1. I too feel a need to clear my clutter right now, my mind always feels frazzled when my living space gets cluttered so thankfully this time its just a matter of organizing and purging the things I no longer need or use, although I wondered if the recent full moon was what caused it. When I experience the other kind of clutter, that which requires down time and reflection, I seek the outdoors. Nature’s beauty recharges and helps me to find the clarity I need to cleanse my spirit so I can find my way back to contentment. I always know that my down time brings growth and wisdom at the end which helps during the transition. 🙂

  2. I forgot to say that the time I seek in the outdoors is one of solitude, like going to the beach on a cooler day when there aren’t many people around or to a park and I bring my notepad and pen and write out my thoughts. I find that writing things out helps me to get it off my chest and for me it is my therapy.

  3. Ah, Shelley, we are so alike in this! And yes, I do think that full moon had a role in creating this need to clear out the old whether they be physical objects or non physical things! And Nature is one of the most supportive things I know of in my own life to help me through anything that challenges me. When I lived in Chicago I went to the Botanic Gardens there at least once a week and just walked. They had an English walled garden that I loved with its tumble of wild roses, lavender, and ivies. And a beautifully Zen Japanese garden accessible only by footbridge. Now we live in the woods on a lake and it fills me in a way no other home ever has just because of the magical setting. There is nothing like nature to heal the soul. Blessings and thanks to you Shelley for your wise comments. xo

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